Voices is Voices

Experimental music theatre piece about voice and identity

We easily make assumptions about a person’s identity based on their voice. We tend to think their voice reveals their gender, sexuality, age, social background, emotions and personality. In reality, however, there is a choir of different voices inside of us; Voice is Voices.

Voice is Voices is a virtual music theatre experience combining classical singing, video art and theatre. The work examines roles that are given to us and plays with the act of breaking these roles. It focuses on coloratura soprano as a voice type, showing us the expectations related to it as well as the reality behind them.

The basis of the work is different styles of texts about the relation of voice and identity, including interviews, scientific texts and classic children’s stories. These texts are composed into songs which are filmed and cut into videos that portray one or more singers. In the performance space, the videos are projected onto large screens forming virtuosic virtual choirs that communicate with each other. 

The working group includes composer Miika Hyytiäinen, poet Henriikka Tavi, video artist Eetu Lipponen and producer Inari Pesonen. The premiere of Voice is Voices video installation is planned for the year 2020. In the year 2021, the plan is to make the piece into an orchestra version with videos and live singers – a modern interpretation of a song cycle.