Voice BoxVoice Box Voice BoxVoice Box Voice Box Voice Box Voice Box

Voice Box

An academic opera role-play
about voices in boxes and outside of them

Composer Miika Hyytiäinen_ Concept, Composition, Libretto
Singer Mia Heikkinen_ Voice analysis on the video/"Prof. M.H."
Flutist/Soprano/Circus Artist Jacintha Darmström_ Laboratory assistant
Pianist Maija Parko_ Keyboards

Voice Box: “Larynx” [ˈlaːrʏŋks] – “Der Kehlkopf” – “kurkunpää”

If there is one thing that does not fit in any boxes, it’s human voice.
And yet we do try! Professional/unprofessional voice, female/male voice, Fachsystem and the registers: endless lists of exotic and contradicting names!

Voice Box opens these boxes, analyses them and makes brutal fun of silliness of all this. The final box explodes like piñata and the coloratura soprano becomes an actual human being: “I’m not my Fach, I’m me!”

Not only the human voice crows outside the boxes: In Voice Box also the roles are in continuous flow. At least we know this: The composer Miika Hyytiäinen is writing his artistic PhD and makes a computer-based analysis of the vocal possibilities of the voice of the coloratura soprano Mia Heikkinen. This is the starting point of the whole vocal massacre.

There the poor singer is on stage, trapped in a glass box, as a video. The most dominant voice belongs to Professor M.H., a nosy besserwisser with the voice and body of the trapped soprano Mia Heikkinen, but the gestures and words of the composer Miika Hyytiäinen. Everything is accompanied by videos and a sleepy laboratory assistant, who seems to fall in the most uncomfortable sleeping positions even while she is accompanying the crazy professor with flute and voice.

Premier_ in Musiikkitalo Helsinki, May 18th 2017 / 19:00
Duration_ 61 minutes
Further performances_ to be announced

Miika Hyytiäinen presenting his doctoral project [video from Sibelius Academy]
Special thanks for the logo to Ulla Sainio / gentil.fi

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