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Queen Bee

Music theatre concerto for subcontrabass flute and an ensemble.

Composer Miika Hyytiäinen_ Concept, Composition, Libretto
Performed by Ensemble Garage

Queen bees are wonderful little beasts, quite like subcontrabass flutes, except that instruments are actually huge. I was totally mesmerised when I first saw and heard subcontrabass flute: It is somehow simultaneously low, deep, melancholic and totally silly. It is somehow majestic (did I already mention it is huge, like 4.6 m long!) and somehow helpless.

And so are queen bees: they fly, they have wild sex under the sun, and then they become huge bee machines. Everything comes through them, but they become themselves somehow clumsy: there is nothing masculine, nothing heroic or virtuosic in this remarkable absurd instrument and exactly that is the best reason to write a concert (a music theatre concerto) for it. And of course I let my imagination fly: quote some queen bees like Kaija Saariaho and Virginia Woolf, used the dances and the color codes used to indicate the generations of each queen (red is the color of queens born in 2018, green for 2019).

I am deeply thankful for Liz Hirst for her inspirational musicality and our funny Facebook chats. Queen Bee is a creature of inspiration and it was all started in the rehearsals of Ensemble Garage, who master all the three words of Experimental Music Theatre.

The world premier as part of Tampere Biennale
April 13th 2018 at 17h00
Tullikamarin Pakkahuone, Tampere, Finland

Performance in Helsinki - Teatteri Korville, musiikkia silmille
April 16th at 19h00 / facebook event
Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Vilhonvuorenkuja 15-16, 00500 Helsinki

The German premiere - #musiikki und teatteri
April 18th at 19h00, Alte Feuerwache, Köln

The composition of this piece has been supported by Musiikin edistämiskeskus MES and Suomen Säveltäjät.

Ensemble Garage

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