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Münchener Biennale 2018

Königliche Membranwerke - Nomictic Solutions

In this opera the audience takes a 3-hour-tour to the "NOS", a company that gives you safety by analysing your voice.

Königliche Membranwerke - Nomictic Solutions (NOS) presents an innovative audio-sensitive monitoring system by the name of "Nomictic Solutions." The automated voice analysis identifies micro-scarring on vocal cords and evaluates them.
Lake Starnberg provides a seemingly idyllic environment and is marked by numerous private properties. There the experts from NOS lead the audience as potential customers into the depths of vocal identity constructions.

A site-specific music theater work with investment potential!

Composition_ Miika Hyytiäinen and Nicolas Kuhn
Video design and text_ Babylonia Constantinides
Stage and costume design_ Anna Maria Münzner
Concept and direction_ Constantinides, Hyytiäinen, Kuhn and Münzner
Dramaturgy_ Christiane Plank

Marie-Sophie Pollak (CEO), Felix Schwandtke (CEO male voice), Eberhard Lorenz (Senior Chef), Caroline Ebner (Scientist), Martina Koppelstetter (Press officer), Kai Wangler (first assistant to the management - accordion), Samuel Stoll (second assistant to the management- solo-horn), Fabian Reinhard und Bence Sóvágó (assistants to the management - horn), Matyas Gergö (assistant to the press officer - tuba), Symphonisches Blasorchester des Musikvereins Eichenau, Philipp Lüdecke (Leitung)

Compositions commissioned by the City of Munich for the Munich Biennale
A production of the Munich Biennale in cooperation with the City of Munich's artist residence, Villa Waldberta

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