Logic Pieces

Logic Pieces is a collection of performance pieces. They are kind of games or plays where the artists reconstrucs pieces according to set of rules. At the moment two parts have been performer: "ettette" and "jollainen".

"ettette" is a study on negation. Based on the rehearsal plan the performers make a piece of art that is the absolute opposite of the given score.

"jollainen" is a kind of detective story with musical implications. The performers find a piece of art baced on the given objects: An article, a poem, an email question about the piece, a dead rose, a whistle,....

2010 Aikamme kamarimusiikkia festival, Helsinki. "ettette"

2012 gehörgänge:hörselgångar festival, Härnosand, Sweden. "ettette"
2011 Music in Raum festical, Lübeck. "jollainen"
Apri 2013, Berlin. "jollainen

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